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Smart App builder, building is a drag and drop

Apps created using ScriptByYou can now be downloaded and deployed as Firebase apps.

To do this you will need a Google Firebase a/c. Which are free for most purposes, and a small micro payment system is used by Google to only charge you what you actually use. So even for a paid a/c ‘blaze’ you will only pay very little especially when there is generous amount of free requests before payment is made.

Playground: try the designer right now Play here

Steps to build and run ScriptByYou websites and apps:


Step 1

From ‘my personal apps’ menu item.

Add app name.

Add any pages you want to build yourself.


Step 2

Copy app pages for ready made app. Select drop down box and then the copy button.

These pages will be inserted into this app, so please ensure the page name for the home page is unique.


Step 3.

Test as website, if OK build as PWA.


Few More Steps to use ScriptByYou for firebase:


Step 4.

Choose ready made firebase apps now. Select drop down box -> ‘Firebase apps’.


Download ScriptByYou Gui for firebase: Download script GUI node.js zip

This is a node.js ‘server’ app that allows you to build and deploy a firebase app without knowing any command lines commands (CLI). It’s a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for friendly firebase app building.


Step 5.

Extract the downloaded .zip file to a local directory.

In this directory you will find ‘fireserv.bat’, run this.


Step 6.

Go to this  page.

This is the website that will connect to the node.js server you are running.

It gives you a simple user interface, to specify your build directory, and install and run Google Firebase tools to deploy your drag and drop app from to firebase with no hassle.