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Smart Designer

Smart App builder, building is a drag and drop

Create your own app and website using drag drop and no programming.

Building is a drag and drop. 🔥🔥 Now with Google Firebase support.


1. For App/Web Builders:

  • dual system: what you ‘build’ is both an app and a website because the technology is PWA. See this page for details: App Builder
  • 🔥🔥Firebase support now allows unlimited features
no longer blog technology** taken to it’s limits when used with Google**.
see this page for details: Firebase Apps
  • playground: try the designer right now Play here
  • see your app and website grow before your very eyes by just using admin techniques, no code
  • to make it even easier ‘snippets’ are provided for linked widgets which are ready to go (oven ready)
  • when you are ready just hit the build button and you have a real APP
  • the URL is all you need to install your app on any phone, tablet and computer
  • all APPS have the ability to store data offline, meaning after going online you will still have the captured data
  • data is synchronised from your online cloud store whilst online
  • cloud storage means your data is always up to date regardless of which devices you use
  • comments are customisable pages allowing you to create forms of your choice for users comments
  • existing WordPress users can import their data and enhance it using our tools
  • all this with no programming, just drag and drop the widgets into place
  • Accessibility ability system allows developers to easily set up visuals to their liking as well as for ALL users.
  • Free trial for your first month, £29.99 £11.99 per month after that for personal use (we trust you to hit the pay now button each month)


  • Also for an additional £99.99 per year your website/app can be made accessible by any other.

**applies only to non-Google(Firebase) apps: blog is meant as a VERY general term it can be a photo app or whatever, any app or website where the data can be edited by users themselves using a word processor style editor. This provides users with total content management, over all data including text, photos, image galleries etc.


2.Accessibility Creators or Skinners

Website Customisation

  • Anyone (not only app builders) can for free be an Accessibility Creator
  • This allows anyone to be able to change or skin any website made available on this site

Visuals can be changed to your liking, and the general user interface behaviour using our system can be customised.


App Customisation and app Accessibility Creator:

  • For a small yearly cost (£79.99) anyone can take an app on this site and ‘skin’ all pages to your liking
  • This allows anyone to be able to change any app made available on this site


3. App / Web store:

  • Apps are listed on this website and are available to buy or free.
  • App Store ‘skinned’ allows websites and apps here to be customised by anyone