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Category: PeopleHurting


Evil Bristol City Council and Rossendales

Hi nice people,


I just wanted to share my true story of evil people who work for Bristol City Council (Tax dept)


-1 week ago BCC ordered dept company Rosendales to get money from me falsely saying I owe £1485.92 in council tax despite the fact that property has been empty(and furnished) and they know that from the past when I rented it out to BCC.


-So for over a week I have been trying to contact the council and they have not even bothered to reply to any messages I sent.

Nothing but automatted: noreply@ emails.

They wont even let me communicate with them – with a matter as serious as this, with the nasty threat they made towards me.

I cant even contact them when they are threatening to break into my premises/make me a criminal.

Rossendales debt people wont listen either all they did was send another letter re-stating they contacted the council and are proceeding.

So do you believe this is the new evil we have to live with.

Are Bristol City Council the new dictators ? (Probably worst than big tech companies)

They seem to control everything with no response allowed they will just order they people (Rosendales) to take money from you??